Menjual Pinggan Mangkuk Import Jenama Corelle

Manufacturing & Materials

Kaca Vitrelle®
Each piece of Corelle® glass dinnerware is like a sandwich, consisting of two different glass compositions (core and glaze). The lamination results in Vitrelle® glass that exceeds the normal strength possible for any single glass composition. Put simply, lamination does for glass just what it does for wood: It yields a finished product that is much stronger than the individual components from which it is made.

The Pressware Manufacturing Plant in Corning, NY, is a Corelle® production marvel. In just under 15 minutes, plates and bowls go from molten glass to finished product – sealed with an easily removable protective wax coating and placed in a packing case. Due to this incredible speed, the Pressware Plant produces up to 100 million pieces of Corelle® glass dinnerware each year.

Corelle’s Livingware™, Vive™, Impressions™, and Square™ lines of glass dinnerware are made from “Vitrelle 1”, the original Corelle glass material known for its strength, durability, and versatility. Corelle® Pro™ is made from “Vitrelle 2”, a glass product made in the same hub lamination process but with a core glass that is 70 percent thicker than our original material.

We are so confident in the strength and durability of our dinnerware , we offer a three-year warranty on all Vitrelle® 1 glass dinnerware items and a five-year warranty on all Vitrelle® 2 glass dinnerware items. Corelle® will replace any Vitrelle® dinnerware item that breaks or chips under normal household use.

Hearthstone™ Stoneware
Corelle® has worked closely with overseas partners to manufacture the Hearthstone® collection of dinnerware. To meet our durability standards, we offer a one-year warranty and will replace any stoneware dinnerware that breaks or chips under normal household use.


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